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CUTTERS CICHLID (Cryptoheros Cutteri)

CUTTERS CICHLID (Cryptoheros Cutteri)

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A smaller growing cichlid that will stock well as an individual in community tanks. More than one individual of this species in a tank, is best kept as a member of an established/compatible pair, as conspecific aggression is very high in this cichlid. Very closely related to A. spilurus - Cutter's can be distinguished from their more drab, grey colored relative by a streak of brilliant blue that runs through their mid section. Pretty and full of character but, these are definitely a pugnacious, tough little fish to keep in the aquarium. Beware of stocking a spawning pair in community tanks! They are very protective - aggressive - parents. A six foot long tank is recommended as the minimum size for keeping this cichlid as spawning pairs, in 'mixed' species community tanks. Stock with tank mates that are 'robust' and hardy in nature, but not so large in size they will just simply eat your pair!

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