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DOVII CICHLID (Parachromis dovii)

DOVII CICHLID (Parachromis dovii)

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The Wolf Cichlid Parachromis dovii (previously Cichlasoma dovii) is very intelligent and has so much personality that its territory usually extends beyond the tank. They will investigate any goings on in the room and can bond with their owners on a level that the smaller cichlids don't. They are also the epitome of a predatory fish and will be the dominate 

A beautiful deep bodied muscular fish, it can reach just over 28 inches (72 cm) in length. The mature male has a rich golden yellow to silvery background speckled with blue, black, and purple. It has green and red on the head and the base of the dorsal fin, with blue-green fins and tail. The females are almost entirely yellow. It is also known as the Dovii Cichlid, Guapote, Dow's Cichlid, and Rainbow Bass.

Being a very easy to keep fish, the Wolf Cichlid is a great beginner fish for the aquarist who wants a large water pet. They are not demanding and can tolerate a wide range of pH, though it must be kept stable. However, their big teeth show this is a voracious predator that needs to be respected. Remember this when they have fry and you are thinking about putting your hand in the tank! 

The Wolf Cichlid needs appropriate tank mates and is in no way a community fish. They are predators and will eat smaller fish and invertebrates. Many do not tolerate any other fish in their tank unless they are a male/female pair, and even then the male may attack and kill a female. If kept singly you may be able to keep with them other fish, but hundreds of gallons are needed with divided territories. They become more aggressive when they are in breeding mode and all other fish should be removed at that time.

They can live well over 30 years with proper care.

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