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DRAPE FIN BARB (Oreichthys crenuchoides)

DRAPE FIN BARB (Oreichthys crenuchoides)

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Drape Fin Barbs are small peaceful fish that are relatively active. However, these Barbs can be quite sensitive to water fluctuations, so water conditions need to be just right. In addition, due to their sensitivity and small size, these Barbs are not suitable for most community aquariums; therefore, these fish are more suited to a more advanced aquarist rather than a beginner. However, when these Barbs are together, they make an impressive centrepiece for any aquascaped or planted aquarium.


Drape Fin Barbs are shoaling fish that develop a specific pecking order, and rival males will display some exciting sparring behaviour in the aquarium. These Barbs are best maintained in a group of 8 or more individuals; however, you must decorate the aquarium so that many broken lines of sight are provided. If you keep these fish singly, in a tiny group or cramped conditions, they can become withdrawn, and dominant fish may bully subdominant fish perpetually.

You can keep Drape Fin Barbs in either a species only aquarium or an aquarium with other small peaceful fish. Ideal tankmates could include Micro Rasboras, Tetras, Dwarf Gouramis and other Dwarf Barbs as well as Khuli Loaches and Catfish. However, you must avoid housing these Barbs with larger, more aggressive or boisterous species; otherwise, they will be intimidated and outcompeted for food.


Drape Fin Barbs appear to do best in neutral, slightly alkaline water and moderate hardness with aquatic vegetation and woody structures. Adding floating plants to reduce the light in the aquarium seems to be appreciated, and adding dried leaf litter is also beneficial and gives the aquarium a more natural feel. The water flow should be relatively slow, and the substrate should be soft.

Drape Fin Barbs have a silver body with prominent scales. These Barbs also have a large, black blotch at the base of the caudal fin. In addition, the male's dorsal fin is bright yellow with black splashes throughout, and the female's dorsal fin is yellow with a black blotch on the tip; all the other fins are transparent.

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