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ELONGATE TIGERFISH (hydrocynus forskahlii) 5"

ELONGATE TIGERFISH (hydrocynus forskahlii) 5"

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General Info
Hydrocynus forskahlii is very unique among the African tiger fishes in that it is probably the only one that is actually suitable to be kept in an aquarium, which is a very good thing as they are one of the most readily available species as well. They are truly a dwarf species, at least when compared to the monsters that the other four species can become. These fish can be kept for life in a tank that is as small as a 180, though they'd probably be happier with the extra room to swim in a 240. Forskahlii are also a very attractive and colorful species, generally having the same color patterns as a vittatus. These fish also tend to have fairly dramatic teeth for their size.
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