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harlequin lancer catfish (Bagroides Melapterus) 7"

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Harlequin Lancers are a really cool, beautiful Bagrid catfish. Like the familiar black lancer, they have a striking stripe down the body, but unlike the black lancer, their body is a mottled pattern of bright yellow and black. They're not exactly outgoing fish, and like a Jaguar Cat, will spend a good deal of time hiding until they're comfortable in the tank. They tend to hide upside down, and often in plain sight (maybe mine are just not that smart). They eat anything that will fit in their mouths, but they don't have particularly big mouths -- I wouldn't keep them in a shoal of a rasboras (for long), but they'll do fine with most fair sized cichlids, larger barbs, big tetras, rainbows, etc., stuff that most of you are keeping with cichlids anyhow.