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HONEYCOMB BRISTLENOSE (Ancistrus .sp Wabenmuster)

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There are a few Ancistrus species with this honeycomb pattern especially L089. Ancistrus sp. "Honeycomb" is exported from Brazil with an unknown location. The German common name of Ancisrus sp. "Wabenmuster" is also given for this species. Wabenmuster in the English language means honeycomb. Aquarium Care: The Ancistrus genera make good community fish where they do not grow too big for the aquarium. Some species have different requirements in the aquarium so best to read up on the species you have whereas if they need higher oxygen requirements or not, or if they prefer cooler waters if they originate from the southern parts of South America against the species from further up north. Diet: Vegetable foods such as cucumber and courgette and also tablet and meaty foods. Reproduction: Lay their eggs in caves as a cluster and the first signs of the breeding process is a few tiny fry darting around the community tank.

Common Name:

Ancistrus sp. "Wabenmuster", Honeycomb Ancistrus, Honeycomb Bristlenose.






Brazil: location unknown.


12.0cm. (4¾ins)


25-29°c (75-85°f.)