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IRIANI RED RAINBOW (Pseudomugil Iriani)

IRIANI RED RAINBOW (Pseudomugil Iriani)

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This Pseudomugil has only been available in the aquarium hobby since 2011. It’s a schooling species, therefore keep 10 or more together for more of a natural behavior. They like an aquarium with a lot of covered places. You can use floating plants and driftwood to realize their ideal, natural looking biotope. They like a moderate flow in the aquarium as well.

The fish has a peaceful personality but in general fairs better in a species only aquarium because it’s docile and easily outcompeted in terms of feeding. The males are more colorful and have more pattern than the females which in turn they can put on full display when competing with one other for the attention of females. Unfortunately this species doesn’t live long, in general they don’t reach two years as the females survive for just one single reproductive season.

Pseudomugil sp. Iriani Up to 4 cm.
Papua province, Indonesia Temperature: 22 – 30 °C
pH: 6.0 – 8.0
These fish prefer to live in schools. We recommend to keep at least 5, but preferably more of them together in your aquarium.


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