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Julidochromis Regani is a beautiful cichlid from lake Tanganyika in Africa. They are an amazingly colorful species of freshwater fish and have lively vibrant personalities. They are easy to care for and breed. In this report I will give you details from my own experience with this interesting fish. This fish is a little advanced but could be easily kept by a new hobbyist.

Size: Julidochromis Regani is the largest of the 5 Julidochromis species. In the wild they can reach a length of over 5 inches. In the aquarium they will likely reach a length of 4 inches and may get close to 5.

Tank Size: This species should be kept in an aquarium of at least 29 gallons for 1 pair.

Diet: In the wild, Julidochromis are mostly carnivorous and eat primarily small shrimps and insects. In the aquarium they can be fed standard cichlid flake food such as Cobalt Aquatics Cichlid Flakes or Omega One Cichlid Flakes, but their diets should also be supplemented with specialty foods that you would need to get from your local aquarium store or online. Frozen or live Mysis or Brine shrimp are a good choice for these fish. Freeze dried mysis shrimp are another good option.

Breeding: Julidochromis are easy and fun to breed. They are cave spawners and will need to have several “caves” to choose from. You can buy man-made caves online, but if you have access to flat rocks you can simply stack the rocks in a way that it creates caves for this fish to go in and out of. You can also make your own caves by using a small flower pot. Knock a hole in the bottom of the pot using a screw driver and hammer, and then simply turn it upside down in the aquarium so that the top of the pot is pressed into your aquarium substrate. The fish don’t care that the entrance to their cave is on the top of it. They will lay eggs in the cave and guard them aggressively. Even after the eggs have hatched, they will guard the fry until they are about 1/4 inch in length.

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