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KAWANGA GOLD ZEBRA (Metriaclima .sp zebra gold "Kawanga")

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Males have yellow/gold color bodies with navy blue stripes. The lower part of their head is navy blue and there are navy blue stripes across the upper portion of their yellow/gold head. Their dorsal fin is yellow/gold. Lower fins and part of their belly is navy blue. Females are grey/gold with either faint navy blue strips or OB blotches. 

These fish mix well with other Lake Malawi mbuna, not of a similar color. Males are tolerant of other fish that are not similar in color and can be mixed with single male peacock and milder haplochromine tanks. Larger Preditor haplochromines should not be mixed with these fish. 

These fish mix well with Cynotilipia zebroides "Cobue", Labidochromis caeruleus lions cove (Yellow labs), Labidochromis sp. Mbamba which are carried in-house and with Metriaclima callanious Pearl,  Pseudotropheus elegans Musuli Yellow Tail (Purple Acei), and a number of other mbuna on my special order list not of a similar color. 

We recommend keeping these fish with other mbuna not of similar color in mixed-sex groups. The best group for breeding and for mixing with other mbuna is one male with five to six females. 

For single breeder groups, we recommend 20 gallons or larger tanks.

For mixed-sex groups with other mbuna, we recommend 55 gallon or larger tanks. 

For single male tanks, we recommend 55 gallon or larger tanks.