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L02 TIGER PLECO (Panaqolus sp. L002)

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Size 100mm or 3.9"
Identification Sometimes labelled as Peckoltia vermiculata in older literature although the dentition matches that of Panaqolus spp. After comparing photographs of the type specimen of Peckoltia vermiculata which is held in a museum in Vienna we have no doubt that L002 is not that species. It is an unidentified species. L074 appears to be a very faded L002.
Sexing Males develop (particularly on their pectoral fin rays and lower back) heavy teeth-like odontodal growth. Often this gives the male fish a hairy or 'furry' look.

Feeding This genus feeds on wood, and should have several pieces, preferably several kinds of wood to chew on. Aside from wood, a mainly vegetarian diet is recommended, prepared food such as algae wafers and fresh vegetables, such as courgette (zucchini) and tubers such as potato or sweet potato (yams).

Furniture Rock piles are optional and wood tangles are a must. Plants are not vital and will be nibbled or destroyed.
Suggested Tankmates Works well with most types of peaceful community fish. Can be somewhat territorial towards conspecifics, but given enough hiding spaces, a group can be kept in a suitable size aquarium - roughly requiring a 30 x 30cm area per fish.
Breeding Has been bred in captivity on a number of occasions. Male guards eggs laid in a cave (in nature it would be hollow wood or similar) until the fry are free swimming.