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L141 GHOST PLECO (Ancistomus snethlageae)

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Ancistomus are almost like Peckoltia but more elongated in their shape. Among the more hardy, easy to keep L-numbers, Ancistomus species are ideal beginner Plecos. L141 is one of the more common types in our hobby, a regular export from Brazil. The only drawback is its rather dull looks when adult, but juvenile specimens have a very attractive white seam in their caudal fin, which fades with age. It can show a rather striking, light coloration, earning it the nickname Ghost Pleco. A peaceful nature and an appetite for algae count in its favor. 


Name: Ancistomus snethlageae (Steindachner, 1911)

Trade names: L141, L215, Ghost Pleco

Origin: Rio Tapajos, Rio Jamanxim, Brazil 

Maximum size: 20 cm / 8''


In aquarium A.snethlageae is an easy to keep omnivore, that should be kept under normal good conditions with slightly warmer than usual (for community tanks at least) water. It requires some space, as it's not among the smallest of the l-numbers. Adult males can be territorial towards each other, and can be told apart from the females by their bigger, broader head and more excessive odontodal growth. Breeding in captivity has been achieved, and happens in a very typical Loricariidae manner. It goes under the names Hemiancistrus and Peckoltia too, depending on who you follow.