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L202 Peckoltia lineola

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A relatively uncommon Peckoltia species exported from Colombia is L202. It has a fairly typical Peckoltia look with black band and blotches over a pale yellow base colour. It doesn't really “stand out from the crowd”, which may explain why it's not more of a regular encounter in the hobby. As an aquarium fish it's a great choice even for beginners, as it's a hardy omnivore without any extraordinary demands.


Name: Peckoltia lineola (Armbruster, 2008)

Trade names: L202, LDA57, LDA79

Origin: Rio Guaviare, Rio Inirida, Colombia. Rio Ventuari, Venezuela.

Maximum TL: 14 cm / 6''


Peckoltia lineola is an omnivore, so a varied diet is required. After a period of maintenance and conditioning the fish are easy to breed. Clean, warm water with good movement and a tank furnished with decent caves and other hiding places makes the fish feel relaxed, and the males will show off some impressive odontodal growth on their flanks. 10-50 eggs are laid in tight caves where the male guards them.


Peckoltia lineola is quite variable in the pattern, which is why it occurs under several L- and LDA-numbers. It's easy to confuse with Ancistomus L243, another Orinoco-based Pleco. L243 has a longer, more slender body and a larger adult size.