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L239 BLUE PANAQUE PLECO (Baryancistrus beggini) 2.5"

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Relatively peaceful but not recommended for the ‘general’ community aquarium due to its somewhat delicate nature.

Keep it alone or perhaps alongside some small characids that will not compete with it for food or territory.

The ideal set-up should be designed to resemble a flowing river with a substrate of variably-sized rocks, gravel and some large water-worn boulders.

This can be further furnished with driftwood branches, roots and tough aquatic plants such as Microsorum, Bolbitis, or Anubias spp., which can be grown attached to the décor, while bright lighting will promote the growth of aufwuchs upon which the fish will graze.

Like many species that naturally inhabit running waters it’s intolerant to the accumulation of organic wastes and requires spotless water at all times in order to thrive.

It’s also essential to provide sufficient levels of dissolved oxygen and water movement using a combination of canister filters, powerheads, etc., particularly if the aim is for the fish to breed, and weekly water changes of 40-70% should also be considered mandatory.