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MACULIPINNIS (Thorichthys Maculipinnis)

MACULIPINNIS (Thorichthys Maculipinnis)

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Thorichthys maculipinnis

The Thorichthys maculipinnis male can reach a length of about 15 centimetres. The female remains slightly smaller. Origin: southeastern Mexico, Rio Nacional and Papaloapán basin lower than 300 meters. Climate: tropical freshwater, 22-28°C Water values: pH 7.0-8.5; GH 8-12; Although the water values are not very demanding, good water quality is important.

Aquarium length: 150 cm for a small group, for a couple with a few smaller, calm schooling fish a tank of 100-120 cm can also suffice. However, the larger the aquarium, the more fun you will have with these fish.

Synonyms: Thorichthys maculipinnis, Cichlasoma ellioti, Heros maculipinnis, Thorichthys ellioti.

Natural habitat

Thorichthys maculipinnis naturally lives in clear, less clear or even turbid water with very limited visibility. The water flows slowly and usually has a sandy bottom which is often covered by a layer of leaves from trees. Due to the turbid water and overhanging branches, the amount of light is minimal and water plants are usually absent. The rivers are usually surrounded by trees whose roots stand in the water. These provide additional hiding places for Thorychtis. The water has a pH between 7.5 and 8.0 and a hardness of about 8 DH. The temperature varies between 25 and 28°C.

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