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MANDARIN VAMPIRE CRAB (Geosesarma Notophorum) *Terrestrial*

MANDARIN VAMPIRE CRAB (Geosesarma Notophorum) *Terrestrial*

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The mandarin crab from Kalimantan/Indonesia belongs to the species Geosesarma pontianak. It was described only in 2015, previously these pretty little crabs were listed as Geosesarma notophorum. This small, intensely colored land crab is predominantly orange to orange-red, with slightly lighter colored claws. Their striking yellow eyes contrast nicely with these colors. The dorsal carapace of Geosesarma pontianak grows only about 1.5-2 cm wide.  The males have a triangular, relatively narrow abdominal flap, while that of the females is much wider and rather round.

The mandarin crab, like the other species from the genus Geosesarma, belongs to the specialized reproductive type, from the large and relatively few eggs crawl out fully developed young crabs. Geosesarma pontianak has a special feature: the females carry the hatched young around on their backs for several more days before the little ones finally leave their mother and stand on their own legs. This makes the mandarin crab very special. In large well structured and diversified terrariums the young animals find many hiding places and have good chances of survival, even though certainly not all small Mandarin crabs grow up. Better suited for breeding is a separate terrarium.

The Mandarin Crab is a group animal that needs contact with conspecifics. Please pay attention to excess females in the group. Socialization of Geosearma pontianak with other invertebrates is not recommended.

A small group of 5-6 mandarin crabs can be kept well in a permanently humid terrarium from 60 cm length. As a land crab, Geosesarma pontianak is adapted to life on land. Also in the aquaterrarium the water part should be only 6-10 cm deep, actually a big bowl is enough. Permanently moist coco humus is suitable as substrate for the land part. The terrarium can be planted well, but there should be space left for the mandarin crabs to dig their living burrows. Plants are not eaten. With a temperature of 20 and 26 °C Geosesarma pontianak feel comfortable. The small, light mandarin crabs are excellent climbers and therefore need a terrarium with no gaps.

Like all Geosesarma species, the mandarin crab feeds mainly on animal protein. Food specially adapted to their needs is taken just as readily as frozen food, freeze-dried insects and now and then some raw fish. Even though Geosesarma pontianak is predominantly carnivorous, some fruit should be offered from time to time, and also brown autumn leaves. Even if the crabs eat it only sporadically, it offers hiding places and also food for springtails and white is opods - cleanup crew and health police in the terrarium and remnant recycler as well as live food source.

Our food recommendation: Crabs in the wild tend to have a very varied diet. Most species are omnivores

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