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MARBLED SLEEPER GOBY (Oxyeleotris Marmorata) 8"

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Marbled Goby
Genus: Oxyeleotris
Species: O. marmorata

See below for care details.

Maximum Size: 26″
Aggression: Mid
Temperature: 72-82 F
pH: 7-7.5
Hardness: 10-15 dH
Brackish Tolerance: 1.000-1.015, may acclimate to 1.023
Minimum Tank Size: 150 gallons
Feeding: Will consume anything offered. Pellets make good staple, will also accept meaty foods like chopped shellfish, frozen fish, krill, shrimp, earthworms.
Notes: At 26 inches in length, the Marbled Goby is likely the biggest of the Sleeper Gobies. This hardy fish is found in freshwater or brackish environments in the wild but has been noted to tolerate nearly marine conditions without problems when slowly acclimated.

Striped Sleeper Gobies can be fairly territorial fish. These fish are predatory and are known for eating any and all tankmates they can fit in their mouths. Besides these traits, they are not terribly aggressive fish and can be housed with large tankmates like Tete Sea Catfish, Scats, and Batfish. Boisterous or nippy tankmates like Puffers and Snappers should be avoided.

Like most Sleeper Gobies, it does not appear to be picky when it comes to tank decor. They are largely nocturnal animals and do appreciate areas to hide behind or under. They are also known for re-arranging the tank decor as they see fit and may uproot plants.