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MASCARA BARB (Dawkinsia assimilis) 1-1.5" 2-3cm D2405YS

MASCARA BARB (Dawkinsia assimilis) 1-1.5" 2-3cm D2405YS

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A spectacularly marked, large-growing barb found in Southwestern India, the Mascara or Assimilis Barb inhabits clear water streams and rivers with moderate to fast flow. A shoaling fish, they are found in large aggregations in the wild and should be kept in groups of at least 5 fish in the aquarium. Both sexes will show impressive red coloration as mature adults, but males will also develop elaborate dorsal filaments and vivid red dorsal fins. A fast-moving and aggressive feeder, they should be kept with equally large and active tankmates in the aquarium.

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