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This species is from Africa: Lake Malawi. Particularly noted from Chizumulu Island and Pombo Rocks.


Common names: Hajo, Maylandi Hajomaylandi (some still use this), Greeberi, Zebra Greeberi, Maylandi Zebra Greeberi



Maximum length is around 6″ (15cm).



OrderPerciformes FamilyCichlidae



Metriaclima hajomaylandi is a Mbuna from Lake Malawi. It is a rock dweller. It can be found in rocky habitats across the lake and on lake reefs.



Omnivore, takes both pellets and flakes and occasionally frozen foods. I feed mostly vegetable matter to avoid bloat



Active rock-dwelling Cichlid, provide plenty of hiding places. Lots of filtration would be best to keep the water clean. Tank should be setup with lots of rocks so the males can have territories to avoid too much aggression.


Water Changes: Weekly - Water changes of 30% weekly are recommended.


Temperature: 78-82°F (25-27°C)   pH: 7.8 - 8.6  Hardness: 8-25°H



Metriaclima hajomaylandia can be quite territorial, keep with other agressive Rift Lake Cichlids of equal size. This behaviour can be very aggressive whilst spawning.
Mostly stays on the bottom of the aquarium digging in caves. Average lifespan is usually 4-10 yrs but can live longer.