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NEON TETRA SMALL (Health Guarantee on 10+DOAs only) (Paracheirodon innesi) 2402

NEON TETRA SMALL (Health Guarantee on 10+DOAs only) (Paracheirodon innesi) 2402

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Provided healthy stock can be obtained (see ‘Notes’) maintenance presents few problems although it perhaps looks best in an arrangement comprising a sandy substrate plus some driftwood roots and branches.

The addition of dried leaf litter would further emphasise the natural feel and as well as offering additional cover for the fish brings with it the growth of microbe colonies as decomposition occurs.

These can provide a valuable secondary food source for fry and the humic substances released by the decaying leaves are also considered beneficial, with alder cones also useful in this respect.

There’s no need to use natural peat, the collection of which is both unsustainable and environmentally-destructive.

This species seems to do best under fairly dim lighting but you can add aquatic plant species that can survive under such conditions such as Microsorum, Taxiphyllum or Cryptocoryne spp., while floating vegetation, such as Ceratopteris spp., is also appreciated.

The vast majority of fish available in the aquarium trade are produced on a commercial basis and are more adaptable than wild specimens.

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