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No Planaria 20 gallon single dose

No Planaria 20 gallon single dose

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A product that helps get rid of Planaria.

This is highly recommended to have on hand at all times.

1 container Doses 20 gallons, and only needs to be dosed once to kill all Planaria.

if tank is smaller than 20 gallons, dose half for 10g, 1/4 for 5 gallon Etc.


This helps to and can be used for:

1. Getting rid of planaria and other worm type parasites.
2. As a dipping solution when introducing new shrimps.
3. As a washing and soaking solution for new plants that may carry worms.
4. Gets rid of planaria within 36 hours
5. Non-toxic and no harm to shrimps.

Kills planaria fast
Natural product, safe for shrimps and plants
Does not affect beneficial bacteria or water quality

NO Planaria is the first product available for Planaria. Planaria has a smooth, slimy skin surface and resembles flat snails. They usually have one or two pairs of eyes and a clearly recognizable triangular or arrowhead-shaped head.

The main ingredient of no planaria It is the extract of betel palm. The palm extract is obtained from the stump of the betel palm and is highly toxic to worm-like organisms.

No planaria does not influence water quality. The pH, GH and KH values ​​remain unchanged. NO Planaria is not harmful to shrimp, aquatic plants or Nitrifying bacteria.

A significant decrease in planarian can already be observed on the second day.


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