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Orange-Eye Blue Tiger Shrimp (Caridina mariae)

The Orange-Eye Blue Tiger shrimp comes in a few forms from the lighter (blonde) colour through to dark blue, almost black (royal). they have been bred with many other Caridina lines.

pH: 6-7.5

Temperature: 65-75 °F (18.5-24 °C)

gH: 4-10

kH: 2-6

Total Dissolved Solids: 150-250

Caridina shrimp require soft, acidic water with a KH 0-2 and GH 4-6, easily measured by way of a GH/KH Test Kit, although tiger shrimp do not mind the KH as high as 6. To achieve this many keepers employ the use of a Reverse Osmosis Filter to remove ALL hardness from the source water and remineralise with GH+(calcium and magnesium salts) to the required General Hardness.

Its been well documented that Dwarf Bee Shrimp like slightly acidic water below 6.5PH. Most keepers and breeders all agree that this is easiest to maintain with the use of active substrates. Substrates like ADA Amazonia or Master Soil buffer the water to the correct range required.

Additionally, it is worth noting that active substrates do have an expiry. The soil substrate loses the ability to keep the PH down as it ages and may require changing out after 1-2yrs.

Feeding Caridina Shrimp

When feeding dwarf aquarium shrimp less is often more. Shrimp will feed off decaying material and biofilm available in the aquarium. In fact, many aquarium keepers do not even directly feed their shrimp. Although, with larger shrimp populations supplemental feeding becomes necessary.