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BLUE PANDA DWARF CICHLID (Apistogramma Pandourini)

BLUE PANDA DWARF CICHLID (Apistogramma Pandourini)

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Apistogramma panduro are beautiful dwarf cichlids that are closely related to Apistogramma nijesseni and, in fact, they are placed in the Apistogramma nijesseni group. For more information about both A numbers and Apistogramma groups please read the information on our Apistogramma page.

Apistogramma Panduro are sometimes referred to as Apistogramma pandurini however, the correct species name is panduro. The name is derived from the Peruvian fish exporters who first collected the fish. They are found in the same general area as Apistogramma nijesseni. All of the nijesseni group apistos appear to have limited ranges in the western Amazon region. A. panduro are captured in blackwater streams near Colonia, Peru. These waters are soft and acid with a sandy substrate. pH in their native waters is usually below 6.0.

Apistogramma panduro are not fussy eaters and will adapt to most high quality foods. Of course, live food is best and greatly aids breeding. Apistogramma panduro form strong pair bonds and spawn in typical Apistogramma fashion. Broods are generally a little smaller than with some species. The fry will easily take newly hatched brine shrimp and care is typical for the genus.

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