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PEACOCK BASS *OCELLARIS* (Cichla ocellaris) 3-4" 7-10cm 2404

PEACOCK BASS *OCELLARIS* (Cichla ocellaris) 3-4" 7-10cm 2404

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The Peacock Cichlid Cichla ocellaris is an eye catching show fish for a very large aquarium. Its shape and large size cause many observers to mistake it for a type of bass fish, but it is in fact just a very large and colorful cichlid fish. It presents an olive-green body color which transitions into a yellow-white belly and is marked on the body and back by black blotches and stripes. But it's the distinctive ocellus or 'eye spot' seen on the tail fin that commands the most attention and that gives this fish its name. Reminding the observer of the distinctive tail feather of the male peacock, this tail fin has garnered the fish such common names as Peacock Cichlid, Butterfly Peacock Bass, Peacock Bass, and Eye Spot Cichlid.

To be clear, this fish is not for everyone! It grows to a significant size of around 30" (2.5 feet or 74 cm) and will require a massive aquarium for optimal health. That being said, this fish is likely a perfect choice for those who want one of the most dramatic cichlids in the hobby. Just like cichlids of smaller sizes, Peacock Cichlids are known for their striking intelligence and ability to attach to their owners, and when they see you come into a room they recognize you. They will beg for food, splash at you for attention, and sprint around their tank to catch your eye. This cichlid is sort of like owning a small dolphin!

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