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PEACOCK GUDGEON GOBY (Tateurndina ocellicauda)

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The Peacock Gudgeon sports a gorgeous array of electric colors. With its magnificent, multi-colored markings and distinct, peduncle "eye spot," it is easy to see why it is named after the vibrantly colored peacock. Though small in size, the Peacock Gudgeon is big on traits appealing to both beginning and experienced hobbyists. The Peacock Gudgeon is a colorful, peaceful, and easy-to-care-for addition to the community aquarium, planted aquarium, or biotope aquarium. The Peacock Gudgeon offers the seasoned hobbyists the excitement of breeding these gorgeous fish.

Proper care in a well- decorated or well- aquarium with good filtration can encourage this fish to spawn in the home aquarium. Male Peacock Gudgeons are larger than their female counterparts, have rounded heads, and develop cephalic humps. Female Peacock Gudgeons are smaller with slightly more streamlined features. When female Peacock Gudgeons are ready to spawn, a prominent yellow patch develops on their abdomen. When ready to spawn, these egg-layers will clean out a selected spawning site in rockwork, cave, PVC pipes, flowerpots, and other niches. Once the eggs are laid, the male Peacock Gudgeon will defend the eggs until they hatch.

Offer Peacock Gudgeons a varied diet including quality prepared foods such as flake foods, as well as frozen or freeze-dried foods. Meaty, protein-rich foods like bloodworms and brine shrimp can encourage spawning.