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PEARL AROWANA (Scleropages jardinii)

PEARL AROWANA (Scleropages jardinii)

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Common name: Jardini Pearl Arowana, Australian Arowana, Pearl Arowana

Scientific name: Scleropages Jardini

Average Adult Fish Size: 24 inches / 60 cm

Place of Origin: Northern Australia

Typical Tank setup:  A sand or gravel substrate should be provided along with driftwood/ bogwood and vegetation; it’s a good idea to have some free-floating plants or plants that will adhere to driftwood as some individuals do not tolerate rooted vegetation. They will also require a secure, enclosed top on their aquarium as they are powerful and notorious jumpers.

Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 180 gallons / 720 litre

Compatibility: Although they can be easily bullied by larger Cichlids when they are young, once Jardini Arowana hit the 8″ to 12″ mark, they usually become extremely aggressive to all other tank inhabitants, especially those of a similar shape; tank mates should be chosen very carefully. Jardini Arowana are a solitary, aggressive, territorial species, but have, on occasion, been known to coexist with large Oscars, large Manguense, large, predatory catfish, and large plecos, but it’s hit or miss and more often than not, they are eventually the only fish left in the aquarium.

Temperature: 76 – 85 Deg F /  24 – 29 Deg C

Water chemistry: pH 6.0 – 7.5

Feeding: Jardini Arowana are carnivores and should be provided with a variety of meaty and vitamin enriched foods such as live, frozen or freeze-dried ghost shrimp, krill, minnows, bloodworms, blackworms, mealworms, earthworms, crickets, frogs, crayfish, and Cichlid/Arowana pellets or sticks.

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