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RED AND WHITE LIONHEAD GOLDFISH (Carassius Auratus) 3.5-4.5"

RED AND WHITE LIONHEAD GOLDFISH (Carassius Auratus) 3.5-4.5"

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The lionhead goldfish is a form of a fancy goldfish which is bred in China and developed to resemble the mythical Chinese lion-dog.

This breed of fish has a distinctive red colored headgear.

While some fish from this breed has an abundance of growth, others don’t have much of it.

In this article, we will introduce you to the lionhead goldfish breed in detail and give you as much detail about this fancy breed of fish as we can.

The most distinctive feature of the lionhead Goldfish is the red colored headgear.

The dorsal-less goldfish has a hooded head and doesn’t support a curved back like most fancy varieties do.

The Lionhead Goldfish has a more rounded or egg-shaped body unlike the Shubunkins and the Common Goldfish that have a long, slender body.

This variety of Goldfish was bred in China to have a "hood" which somewhat depicts the image of a mythical Chinese lion-dog.

The distinctive lion's mane or raspberry appearance of the this is the reason for the fish’s common name 'Lionhead' Goldfish.

The actual amount of head growth differs for each individual fish.

For some fish, the broad head, except for its mouth, eyes, and nostrils, can get covered completely with this fleshy growth.

In some cases, this can sometimes even impede the fish’s vision. For others, there may be hardly any head growth at all.


Another thing to note about the Lionhead Goldfish is that they have a double caudal (tail) fin and a double anal fin.

This variety of fish is similar to the Ranchu Goldfish which was a variant developed in Japan.

However, the Lionhead's back has a less curved shape. The fish has looks similar to the Fantail Goldfish in due to its caudal fin as well.

There is also a long-finned Lionhead variety which is pretty rare.

The Lionhead Goldfish is a rather delicate fish so, it is not a good choice for beginners.

white and orange lionhead goldfish

The fish’s swimming ability is obstructed by the fish’s rounded body and is then further diminished a the lack of a stabilizing dorsal fin.

Lionhead Goldfish come in various colors which includes orange, chocolate, red, black, and blue.

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