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RED CHILI LOBSTER (Cherax boesmani)

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The Red Chili Crayfish (Cherax boesemani var. "Red Brick") is an extremely rare color variant of the Supernova AKA Papua Blue Marble Crayfish. It is an exceptional colorful variation of its species and is native to Western Irian Jaya, Indonesia. This crayfish is also commonly known as the Red Brick Freshwater Lobster, though true lobsters do not exist in freshwater. Various shades of pink and burgundy are distinctly shown on this crayfish. The Red Chili Crayfish breeds easily in the aquarium, although the fry are extremely slow-growing. In fact, many of our specimens have bred in our tanks at our facility! 
This particular crayfish is relatively active and spends plenty of time exploring the floor of the aquarium in search of food. The Red Chili Crayfish is an omnivorous scavenger and will eat most any meaty or plant-based foods, and it should be fed a diet high in plant matter as an adult. This crayfish should not be kept with ornamental live plants as it will eat them at a surprising rate.