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RHINO GOBY (Rhinogobius candidianus)

RHINO GOBY (Rhinogobius candidianus)

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This is a robust species and can be aggressive at times but it can be kept in a community provided tankmates are chosen with care.

Peaceful, pelagic species which inhabit similar environments in nature such as Tanichthys or Danio species are perhaps the best choices for the upper levels, but we’ve also seen Rhinogobius spp. being maintained alongside barbs, small characins, poeciliid livebearers, etc.

Less suitable are freshwater shrimp from genera such as Caridina and Neocaridina as these are likely to be predated upon.

Balitorid and nemacheilid loaches may prove suitable in larger tanks but in smaller set-ups R. candidianus should ideally be the only benthic species included.

It should not be mixed with congeners, especially closely-related ones such as R. nantaiensis, since it’s not yet clear if they’re capable of hybridisation.

Larger fishes are best omitted although in very large set-ups it may be possible to add a few non-predatory, surface-dwelling ones, while the majority of cichlids and other territorial fishes inhabiting the lower reaches should be avoided entirely.

While males are territorial with one another to an extent serious damage is unlikely provided the tank contains sufficient cover, and in fact they appear to actively require the presence of conspecifics.

Aim to purchase at least two males and as many or more females or the fish may become listless and inactive.

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