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RUSTY CORYDORA (Corydoras Rabauti)

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C. rabauti is a chunky fish with a rusty coloured body and fins. It has a matt green stripe running the length of its upper surface ending in a downward kink at the caudal peduncle. Fish in good condition are almost golden.

C. zygatus is slightly larger and more elongate. It has a pinkish-gray background colour and the green stripe has a slight metallic sheen and lacks the downward kink. Most individuals have little copper “eyebrows” which can be seen even in albino specimens. Adult C. zygatus seem a little scruffy to my eyes, not something that can ever be said about C. rabauti.

For breeding I used a group of large adult fish that I had been conditioning on live worms and daphnia for some time. These fish had spawned a couple of years before when about two hundred infertile eggs were laid just below the water surface and in an area of the tank that had a lot of water movement.