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BLOODY MARY SHRIMP (neocaridina davidi .var)

BLOODY MARY SHRIMP (neocaridina davidi .var)

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In the wild Neocaridina heteropoda, originate from Taiwan. They live in streams and ponds surrounded by densely packed plants and a rocky substrate.

So for your aquarium you should try to emulate their natural conditions in the wild as closely as possible.

They thrive in densely planted aquariums that have lots of hiding crevices and moss; you can also include some driftwood in the tank as they will nibble the algae from it. They will also eat the plant matter debris which can make up a reasonable part of their diet.

Moss is needed in the aquarium as they will groom themselves and hide within in; you can use java moss. Remember when your shrimp feels safest they will present themselves with the brightest coloration.

In terms of substrate you can use small pebbles to replicate the rocky substrate which they are used to.

For equipment, generally a heater isn’t needed. If you want to keep the water temperature very stable then you can always add a heater, but provided the room you keep the aquarium in is heated it generally isn’t needed.

Now onto perhaps the most controversial piece of equipment when keeping Shrimp; filters!

A common problem with filters is that they are too powerful and your Shrimp can be sucked into them. You can prevent this by using a sponge filter. Or if you’re using a more powerful filter, such as a canister, you can use the inlets with foam to reduce the flow.

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