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D1/7; A4/8-9. Maxillary barbels longer than the head, not branched, without tubercles and with a distinct blackish basel membrane. Dorsal spine not serrate on anterior edge. Caudal fin forked with upper lobe longer than the lower. Humeral process keeled and sharply pointed.

Brownish, lighter on the belly. All fins with spots which are arranged as a band on the caudal fin.


Fine as juveniles but with most larger Syno's will get a little teritorial going into adulthood. A 4ft tank or above with larger tankmates such as Rasboras, African tetras or Cichlids will do fine.


In their natural habitat they are nonguarders of their eggs and as substratum egg scatterers they will scatter them in open water. Not bred in aquarium so far but some have turned up as hybrids, crossed with other Syno species in Eastern Europe.

Sexual differences
Not apparent but the females will be deeper bodied than the males.


As with most of the Synodontis genus they will accept a wide range of foods and can be fed on a good quality flake, tablet, pelet and frozen foods such as bloodworm.