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Tri color Hognose (Xenodon pulcher)

Tri color Hognose (Xenodon pulcher)

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Tricolor Hognose Snake Care (from reptiles magazine)

Adult tricolor hognoses usually average about 2 feet in length, with females usually slightly larger than males. They are more stout than a corn snake of similar length, but more slender than North American hognose snakes of the genus Heterodon.

Adults will need an enclosure that’s at least the size of a 10-gallon aquarium, but preferably more like a 20-gallon long aquarium that spans 30 inches. Because hognoses are terrestrial and fossorial (burrowing) snakes, the height of the enclosure is not as important as is adequate floor space.

Babies can start out in plastic shoeboxes measuring approximately 6 by 11 inches and 4 inches tall for the first year or so, though some of mine have outgrown these starter enclosures before their first birthdays.

My tricolors are usually curled up under the bedding, so it is important to provide a substrate in which they can hide completely, such as shredded aspen, cypress, or coco chips. Avoid pine or any substrate with a resinous odor to it.

Tricolor hogs need a moist place to hide, which can be provided by either dampening one end of the bedding, or providing a small hide box containing damp sphagnum moss. The rest of the cage can be left dry. In drier climates, I recommend using coco chips as a substrate because they can take added moisture without a fungal bloom resulting (as can happen with aspen shavings).

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