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  • Native to the rocky regions around Nkamba Bay, the stunning yellow, red and purple colors of the Tropheus Ilangi make it one of the most sought after species of Tropheus in the aquarium hobby. These Lake Tanganyika cichlids are some of the most colorful in the hobby. They feature a purple colored head, a bright yellow body and red dorsal, pelvic, and anal fins.

  • Compatibility:

    Tropheus moorii Ilangi are highly aggressive towards conspecifics which can make keeping them in an aquarium very challenging. They should be kept in large groups of 12 or more to spread out the aggression. They do best when kept in a large tank with other Tropheus like the Tropheus Moliro Red, the Tropheus Bemba Flame, or the Tropheus Cherry Spot.

  • Tank Requirements and Feeding:

    Tropheus should be kept in large groups and therefor require a large and spacious aquarium. A minimum tank size of 100 gal is recommended for Tropeus Ilangi. The water conditions should mimic the hard water of their natural habitat in Lake Tanganyika. Water temperature should be between 77 - 79°F and pH should be between 7.6 - 8.6. Additives like Cichlid Lake Salt and Tanganyika Buffer will condition the aquarium water for African cichlids.

    Tropheus Ilangi, like all Tropheus, are herbivores, and therefore their diet should mainly consist of vegetable matter. In the wild they like to feed on algae. In a home aquarium they can be fed algae wafers along with spirulina based flakes and pellet foods.


  • Breeding:

  • Tropheus moorii Ilangi are sexually monomorphic, where males and females look virtually identical. However, males may develop their color quicker and display brighter colors than females, because they like to display their colors to attract females when breeding or establish dominance. Males also tend to be slightly larger than females. Even with these small differences, the best way to tell them apart is to vent them.

    Tropheus moorii Ilangi are mouthbrooders. After spawning in a chosen area in the tank, the female will pick up and carry the eggs in her mouth to protect them. The female may continue to carry the fry in her mouth after the eggs have hatched in about 30 days.

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