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TRUE SIAMENSIS (Crossocheilus oblongus) 2404

TRUE SIAMENSIS (Crossocheilus oblongus) 2404

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  1. Generally peaceful and can be maintained alongside many of the more popular species in the hobby although it is perhaps preferable to select fishes from from one of its native countries or rivers. Possibilities from Thailand alone include Botia rostrata and Crossocheilus reticulatus plus various CyclocheilichthysDevarioMystacoleucusRasboraGarraHomalopteraLepidocephalichthysNemacheilusSyncrossusYasuhikotakia and Schistura species.

Crossocheilus spp. are typically found swimming in loose aggregations in nature and can exhibit shy or skittish behaviour if kept singly or in small numbers. They are shoaling, rather than schooling, fishes which develop a distinct pecking order and are best-maintained in a group of six or more since weaker individuals may be bullied incessantly if smaller numbers are kept. You’ll be rewarded with a more natural-looking display plus interesting behaviour from the fish as they interact with one another.

‘Crossocheilus siamensis’ is famed as a consumer of ‘black brush’ algae (BBA), also known as ‘red’ or ‘beard’ algae. These members of the Division Rhodophyta can be otherwise difficult to remove once established in aquaria so the ‘species’ has achieved huge popularity among hobbyists who maintain planted set-ups.

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