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WHITE CLAW SULAWESI CRAB (Syntripsa flavichela)

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Syntripsa flavichela is a species of freshwater crab found in Lake Towuti and Lake Mahalona on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.


Origin: Indonesia, Sulawesi island
Properties: The White Claw Crab from the Mahalona and Towuti lakes is a very contrasting, purely aquatic crab. The animals are quite frugal and also suitable for beginners and are also quite easy to socialize with other aquarium animals. Syntripsa flavichela can be kept individually, in pairs or in groups.
Aquarium: White Claw Crab is a medium-sized crab, it can be kept in pairs in aquariums from 60 cm in length. Hiding places are mandatory for the crabs, especially during the molting phase. Sand or gravel are suitable as substrate, planting is a matter of taste. Syntripsa flavichela may eat water plants. This can be prevented by offering plant-based food.
Socialization: White Claw Crabs can be quite well socialized with a wide variety of aquarium animals, including dwarf shrimp and dwarf crabs like fish. In its area of ​​origin, White Claw Crab feeds on water snails, so there is a restriction here. This information is not guaranteed, because exceptions confirm the rule, especially with crabs!
Water quality: Since these crabs live exclusively under water, the water quality is of course an important factor in order to be able to care for the Syntripsa flavichela for a long time and in a species-appropriate manner. The pH value should be between 7.5 and 8.6, the total hardness should be around 8-12 and the carbonate hardness between 4-8. The conductance should not exceed 500 µS / cm.
Temperature: 26 to 30 ° Celsius.
Food: White Claw Crab are not difficult to feed thanks to the latest developments in the field of industrially manufactured ornamental fish feed. We recommend, for example, Tetra WaferMix or JBL NovoCrabs. Frozen mosquito larvae can also be given occasionally. Please note that crabs only eat very little, narrow food.
Achievable size: Syntripsa flavichela reach a Caparax diameter of up to 6 cm and a total diameter of up to 10 cm.

The offspring of the White Claw Crab in fresh water is certainly possible, but unfortunately we do not have detailed information about it yet.