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YELLOW FIN MLOTO (Otopharynx Tetraspilus) 4"

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Otopharynx sp."yellow fin mloto" is a cichlid which probably was found in the southern part of the lake however they have never been spotted over there up till now. Early in the eighties from last century they were imported as such from this part of the lake. They were captured there in shallow water where these cichlids lived between the vegetation.
In trade this species is also offered as Copadichromis sp."yellow fin mloto" and also as Otopharynx tetraspilus. However when you compare the spots on the body with the real Otopharynx tetraspilus it shows the difference immediately, that's why we place this species temporary in this way on this website untill we have more clarity over this issue.

In the lake the males of these species can grow to 18 cm, the females stay a little smaller. In the aquarium however they could grow a bit taller because of a good feeding.

Otopharynx sp."yellow fin mloto" is in common a real peaceful cichlid. You can keep this species best with other peaceful species and multiple females in a tank with enough places to hide.

In the lake they are feeding themselves with algae, invertebrates and small insects which they find between the vegetation.
In the aquarium they are comfortable with any food. They take everything they get offered, like spirulina pellets, mysis, artemia, cyclops and shrimp-peas mix.