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ZEBRA PIKE (Crenicichla Zebrina) 10" wild

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The recently discovered Zebra Pike (C. zebrina) has quickly become one of the most sought after and popular species of pike cichlid in the trade, and deservedly so. With its vibrant red-orange coloration and distinctive vertical yellow barring, it is hard to confuse the Zebra Pike for any other species. It is also among the most peaceful of the large pike cichlids, and has been successfully kept in community aquariums with other appropriately sized fish. Despite its rarity and high price, the Zebra Pike is generally hardy and undemanding, although they may take some time to wean on to prepared foods. This species is found in fast-flowing, clear, warm water in the wild and should be kept in similar conditions in the aquarium. They prefer strong current, higher temperatures (80-84F) and excellent water quality for long term success.